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13 February 2009 @ 10:06 pm
I'm not enjoying all the damn smoke that is floating around Melb at present. The smoke from the fires has blown over Melb today and I can smell it in the air. I could smell it in the air last night too.

I can believe what happened here with the fires. The Whittelsea fires aren't that far from where I'm living now but even closer to where I'm building. My house is in Whittlesea Shire. Lucky for us the wind didn't blow the fires towards our house it went the other way. A friend of ours had to fight to save their home from the huge fire that was basically at their front door, but just in time they had some luck and the wind blew in a different direction away from their house....unbelievable. It's just sooo close to home which is why it has effected soo many people who weren't directly effected, but seeing those people in utter anguish is hart wrenching.

...but for the hundreds of people who lost their homes and most of all lost their loved ones, my heart goes out to those people and their family and friends. It's just shocking and I can't comprehend what that would feel like.

As for the bustards who intentionally lit the fires,they should be strung up and left to die, it's only fair don't you think!!!!!!!!!

In happier news I'm now 32 weeks preggers and I'm looking forward to seeing the fabulous KINGS OF LEON boys this time next month. I'm hanging out, I can't wait to hear their oldies. I know they're going to be as fantastic as they were when I saw them as the support band for Pearl Jam when they toured here a couple of year back!!!!!!!!
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27 October 2008 @ 12:01 pm
Our block has now started.

They have started to cut the block and pulled out an enormous amount of rock.
Lines are marked out were the boundry will be.

Friday I plan to go to our block to see the progress.

Stuff is being done this week so on Friday they can poor the concrete.....lets hope nothing goes wrong.
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26 October 2008 @ 12:26 pm
I'm really enjoying the new Kings Of Leon album. I find myself playing it constantly.
Yesterday I recorded a live show from Max, from last year, from the 'Because of the times' album and thought they were bloody fantastic!!!! They were pretty damn good when I saw them as the Support band for Pearl Jam a couple of years ago. I have liked them since and bought their albums, except the first one.

KIngs Of LeonCollapse )

I told Russ we are getting tickets when they came out here next year some time. There is no word on when as yet but I'll be hanging out till they announce it.

Those Followill brothers are soooo damn freaken' hot!!!!!

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16 August 2008 @ 11:04 am
Read all about my birthday calender
Also read all about yours too.
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01 August 2008 @ 05:02 pm

My daughter Hannah Charlot Rose is now 10 months old......two months to go!!!
We are thinking about her 1st birthday party. I have a list of 69 people that are invited, obviously they all wont come, however I hope more than half show up.
Here is the finished invite that I whipped up for the occasion.

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24 July 2008 @ 05:18 pm
S8 - Episode 203 — 'Aftermath' New season.

It had better be a good season...better than last year.

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23 July 2008 @ 01:43 pm
Wooohooo our loan has been approved now we only have to wait for Ozurban to release the land to us. Now they are saying this will be in August next month some time........hurry the fuck up OZURBAN, you bastards!  However it's the COUNCIL that are holding everything up.  Hurry up you bastards!!!
I can't wait till our house begins building.....it's getting very exciting.

This time next year we will be in our new house......I can't wait.
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17 June 2008 @ 10:50 am
Arriving at 7 was not a good idea; we should have left at 5 because lining up around the corner was not good especially since it was pissing down. It’s funny it raining because it hadn’t rained all week, bloody typical in Melb.

Ohhh yeh and I forgot to bring my phone and camera; I was on the train when I realized I had neither…. bugger, bugger, bugger!!!!

Damn Smirnoff, $10 a bottle, damn frickin tax!!! Nearly $20 bucks for 2 drinks Fuck!!!

Merch looked good, picked up one for my mate who I’ll give to her for her birthday, one for baby and one for self.

Whitley wasn’t too bad though I did notice that there were a lot of people around me talking through his set. No wonder he said “shut the fuck up you stupid cunt” to the guy to the right of me who was just been a dickhead and yelling out whilst Whitley had started singing his first song. The guy yells back “I was only cheering you on”, Yeh nice try dickhead. Though after the song had finished Whitley did apologize to him twice through out the 30 min set. There was a girl been a complete dickhead at the James Blunt show I went to recently, calling out whilst James Blunt was talking so they were tufted out. I would've crack up if they had tufted him out!!! hahahahah.

My perfect spot was 3 rows from the front, but that was before I needed the toilet, when I came back my view was not the same and not as good. I was stuck behind th8is guy who had a big mop of hair and was 6 foot something. Why stand so close when you are so frickin tall buddy?? Then there was the selfish bitch beside me who kept putting her hands on her hips and therefore her elbow would touch my breast. Has this person not heard of personal space? (Remember dirty Dancing lady!!) She was obviously having trouble seeing though this huge giant in front of us so she decided to step up on to the step that was in front of us, but in disgust to the girl in front of me kept what looked like elbowing and shuffling to the side to stop this person from stepping up. I heard the woman beside be say, twice, “I’m not been pushed off, I’m not been pushed off”. She was pushed off. I can’t believe the nerve of some people!!!!
I also had someone behind me kicking bottles under my feet; Hubs said it was a girl beside him, he moved to block her view, which also stopped the bottle kicking hahahaha.

By the time Whitley had finished and the boys come on it was 9pm. They started with The Meter and Waiting for the sun, excellent choices boys. My kind of scene was played in the acoustic set, which I loved because I requested that one. Bernie almost missed the intro from talking and joking around, but it was still fantastic.

The songs I remembered the most were:
Waiting for the sun, loved it
The Meter
My kind of scene, loved it
Trading places
Pick you up, awesome guys
On my mind, excellent finish
Stumblin, frickin awesome
Lost in Bunnings wasn’t too bad either (did anyone sing lost in bunnings, damn I should have started that!!)
My happiness went off to
Since you've been gone was awesome

I was disappointed with the intermission/change of sets because the boys didn’t play for as long. The back drop was phenomenal, the second set however wasn’t as eye catching….it forced us to look at them instead of the gorgeous back drop…not good really!! 45 min for the 1st set I think it was, with around 15min for change over. Ohh yeh specking of change over, Bernie changed his shirt to a more bogan look for the second set. Bernie said the guys were in style tonight. Hah …well if you call tight black jeans and a black tee style that Bern your eyes need looking at. To me I’d call it the bogan look. Maybe he was thinking he’d step back in time with his style.
JC and Ian looked red hot, from what I could actually see of them. While DZ ….one thing comes to mind, Pippi longstocking (http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=iBp_wEdtiww) Hahahhaha :P Cogsy fitted nicely into that cool bogan look and Bernie commented on it too!! Cogs was on fire, full of comments, all of which I can’t remember now but he was comical. I couldn’t really hear DZ but he was on fire to, hell I could barely see DZ for most of the time. I should have worn my heals.

Was the encore one song or two songs, which ever it was too short guys, too short!!!!

I really did enjoy the night even with all the stupid crap going on around me, and so did hubs. I could hear him singing along to a couple of songs, which for him was pretty damn good.

I’m glad Bernie played his fire engine red guitar… awesome, awesome, awesome, loved that!!!!!

I’m just hoping the next gig I attend I’m not sick with a cold, hay fever thing going on.
I’m sore there is more but at this point I can’t remember.
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05 June 2008 @ 03:52 pm
Russ and I were really excited to finally be able to pick the colour scheme and finishes for our new house. Sadly excitement quickly diminished when we were not able to pick what ever colour we wanted but were restricted to a small selection of colours, tiles etc...

We could only choose from ::
  • 2 roof tile samples - Black and Grey. I chose the black roof tile. We didn't even have the offer of upgrading. 2 colours to choose from is disgusting.
  • 4 exterior colour schemes. (We chose concept board #1). When there are millions of colours, tiles, carpet...you get my point, out there!!! You couldn't swap anything with another board either. This whole concept discuss me.
  • 4 interior colour schemes. Didn't have the offer the change tiles, paint colour, carpet colour or bench top colour with in any range.
We had no inclusions, no surprise there.
We're buying one of the cheapest houses so this is there reason for no individuality.  Though it isn't the smallest house in their range.  We're buying a 21 square house, there are smaller size houses. It's just not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colours do not cost more that other colours, it's pure bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from Metricon::
"New colours, styles and technological breakthroughs – there is always something happening at Metricon’s state–of–the–art selection centre, Studio 501. Studio 501 Manager, Tamara Spencer, said it is important to keep up with the very latest in trends in interior design – and the myriad of finishing touches that go into a home. “We have lots of new ranges from laminate colours to curtains to carpets,” Tamara said. “We encourage our customers to take their time when they visit us so they can get a feel for all the decisions they need to make. Many of them are quite taken with what they’ve seen in the Display Home – we can show them the fittings and products used in the display and, if their budget doesn’t quite stretch to those items, suggest great alternatives. Our ranges are quite comprehensive and it can be a little daunting for some customers when they arrive, but we ensure they have plenty of time and resources to help them make good decisions.”

Gees it's hard choosing such a wide range of products and colours!!!! Are they kidding or what!!???
One thing they don't tell you till after you have payed the deposits,or rather till your at the selection studio, is by choosing the cheaper house means you get no chose, that's no individualism. And not many upgrades available to you!!
Colour choices mean more money....that's really ludicrous!!!

I'm writing a complaint in the feedback area when the keys to our first home are in my hot little hand!!! Best not to do it before then as I don't want something to happen or be delayed in someway as a result of me writing a negative email to head office.

Metricon are arseholes!!!!!
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21 May 2008 @ 04:40 pm
On the 6th of May I went to see James Blunt, my mate had come down with a cold or something so her husband went in her place. I met him out the front of Rod Laver at 7:30pm. We sat down and waited for that Gabriella girl who was the supporting act, she was to start at 8pm.
Now I have to say  Gabriella was bloody terrible, her voice sounded scratchy and defining at the some time. She had a wardrode malfunction and even walked off stage with out saying good bye blar, blar to the crowd, like any normal performer would.
My option of her was fucking terrible!!!! to put it lightly. She was on for 20 min in total.

On the other hand James Blunt was absolutely fantastic. He played for 1 1/2 hours. His voice is phenomenal. His voice cuts right through you like a sharp knife. He played all of his popular songs and had an oncore. He also played a song that I didn't recognize nor do I remember now what it was called, even after he said what it was called. He played on numerous guitars and played his piano beautifully.

There was a stupid woman near us who got chucked out for using profanities and for just been a loud dickhead, there is one at every concert, you just can't get away from them. I heard her say "I can sing to James Blunt because I'm at a fucking James Blunt concert", yes you can sing to James Blunt but not when he is fucking talking bitch!!!

But over all I found James Blunt to be an awesome singer/song writer and musician. I'd go again in a hart beat!!!
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