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07 October 2009 @ 12:52 pm
wow... how eight month goes fast!!  
Things that have happened since last visited (in point form, can't be bothered writing an in depth essay right now)

1. Gave birth to my second child on 31 March. I had a beautiful boy who has the most amazing blue eyes. I have one of each, 2 year and 6 month old. This is where this chapter finishes.

2. Moved into our new house a week after Easter this year. About 5 months in our new house and loving the piece and quite, awesome country views and wild life, kangaroos, birds, cows, horses, rabbits (no so much) and ducks. Hannah loves it to.

3. Bought laptop and now have net on, hence writing this.

4. Purchased tickets to Nickelback for 16 November and Pearl Jam 20 November 2009. It''s gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. One of my closest friends from ice skating only a couple of weeks 6 weeks at the most has split from her husband of 12 years. He has moved out of their house they shared together and is living in an apartment or unit. He was committing adultery behind her back. He plans to live with this scrag after he tells the bitches husband. Yes thats right he she has a husband and he doesn't know. Adam I hope she's worth throwing in 14 years of marriage in for some sleazy piece of arse, gutter rat prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 

6. Planning a holiday around New Years Eve.

7. Mother-in-law is coming over for Russ' birthday and staying for Christmas....oh fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!1

8. Music I'm into at the moment- Powderfinger- 'All Of The Dreamers, Pearl Jam- 'The Fixer', 'All American Rejects- 'I Wanna', Gossip-'Heavy Cross', Foo Fighters- Wheels (just heard it yesterday), Empire Of The Sun.

Thats about it for now. I'm sure there is more but can't think of what???

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